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  • Jolana Thinová (17.12.2009 15:18:40)

  • Jill van Dijk (16.12.2009 09:57:21)
    Hi Zita,

    I wish you and your beautiful cats Merry Christmas and a successful 2010
    Kind regards,
    Cattery Van de Schaepsdijck
  • Jenny Nicholas (15.12.2009 18:05:39)
    Beautiful bi-colours, have a wonderful christmas !

  • (14.12.2009 20:39:56)
    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Jear!
    Dorota & Ola
  • Susanne Hermann (13.12.2009 15:51:47)
    Hello from germany

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Jear!

    greetings from Susan and the Sueset´s Persians
  • Dinie & René (12.12.2009 20:16:48)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New-Year
  • Günther (12.12.2009 16:12:18)
    Hello Zita!
    I like your lovely Kitten-Galerie!
    Merry Christmas Greetings from Germany. Günther
  • Małgorzata (09.12.2009 23:05:27)
    Zdrowych i wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia życzy Małgorzata
  • Małgorzata (09.12.2009 23:03:00)

  • Barbara (09.12.2009 17:57:28)
    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Jear!
    Barbara and Cats
  • Izabela - Catmadness *Pl (09.12.2009 17:55:22)
    Greetings from persian cattery Catmadness *Pl

  • Janine (10.11.2009 19:47:30)
    Hello Zita,

    Thank you for your sweet words in my guestbook,
    it was a pleasure to look at your website, you have such a wonderfull cats!!
    Wish you lots of success in breeding and shows,

    Kind regards Janine
  • Ingrid Lathan (08.11.2009 19:56:30)
    Hallo war heute auf Ihre tollen Hp super Tiere wünsche wie glück bei der Zucht so wie Show Liebe Grüße Ingrid
  • Jeannette (29.10.2009 16:09:28)
    Hello Zita, greetings from Germany. I am back to your homepage and I have a really wonderful time on your site and I see your fantastic cats and so sweet kittens *congratulation*.
    I wish you all the best in breed and show for the future all.
    lovely greetings sends Jeannette and *Lovely Moon* Cats
  • Lukasz Szczesny (27.10.2009 15:06:14)
    Hello from Poland,
    I wish you all the best with yours beautiful persians. They are super!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Hallowen Time
    Best regards
  • Andree Richard (25.10.2009 00:48:17)
    Hello Zita..
    Thank you for your kind words and banner exchange. Wish you the best of times in breeding and showing...
    I had a nice time visiting your site and will come back from time to time.
  • Lise & Ovila Landry (21.10.2009 20:53:11)
    My compliments to a very nice website.I have a great time on your site to see your lovely cats and kittens
    Lots of succes in show and breeding
    Lise from Canada
  • Karl-Heinz Bartel (18.10.2009 20:34:12)
    Hi Zita,
    My compliments to a very nice website. I have
    a wonderful time on your site to see your beautiful
    cats and your sweet kittens. I wish you all the best
    for your future breeding. Best regards Karl-Heinz.
  • debora (14.10.2009 23:32:50)
    hello all
  • Lucie (14.10.2009 11:32:17)
    Dobrý den, máte moc hezké kočičky .Přeji vám i vašim čičinkám mnoho chovatelských úspěchů.
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