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  • Kasia (11.10.2009 07:56:38)
    Hello from Poland! It was a great pleasure for me to visit your beautiful website and look your lovely cats and cutes kittens, I wish you lot of success with breeding and show at future. Kasia and cats.
  • Tatyana Kamaeva (04.10.2009 10:21:34)
    Hello from Russia. Today I have visited on your site and I wish to tell, that it very beautiful! Your cats have sweet persons and a fine family tree! I congratulate you on such fine and well thought over breeding work!!! I shall often visit your site to look at your new kittens and to watch your show-career! Best regards, Tatyana Kamaeva
    The cattery of Persian Cats "Sweet Charm"
  • Susi (29.09.2009 15:10:28)
    Hello from Germany,
    I have always a great time looking on your website, I like your cats very much and your new kittens are very cute and promising. I wish you much fun with this cute kittens and also I wish you much success in the future in breeding and showing your sweethearts. Have a nice day and feel free to visit my website, too.
    Many greetings
    Susi and the
    Magic Planet Persians
  • doris (28.09.2009 11:02:29)
    Ich finde den Aufbau der Seite sehr gut. Macht weiter so.
  • Kay (22.09.2009 21:20:09)
    Hi Zita

    Love your website. Your cats are beautiful especially Imo and Luna. Good Luck with your future litters and showing.

  • Isabelle (22.09.2009 20:08:14)
    kikou la republick tckeck
    s est avec un imense plaisir que j ai visité et admirer votre merveilleux comte de fée
    vos petites bouls de poils os amours sont splendident
    beaucoup d autres bebes et de succés futur
    ammicalement isabelle
  • Elżbieta Lazanowicz (22.09.2009 18:54:26)
    Przesyłam pozdrowienia od hodowli Ella*PL . Z wielką przyjemnością obejrzałam Wasze koty. Urzekł mnie swoją urodą kocurek biało niebieski. Życzę sukcesów hodowlano wystawowych i w życiu osobistym. Ela.
  • Małgorzata (22.09.2009 18:51:31)
    My compliments to your wonderful cats and website.I wish you lots of succes in breeding and showing with your super cats. I enjoyed my visit very much and I'll be back once again. I will return soon to see you.
    Best regards
  • Vladimir (09.09.2009 20:36:18)
    Thanks for the reply. Actually i found the web site about scottish folds in Prague. If somebody is interested, it is
  • Vladimir (08.09.2009 11:21:17)
    Hi there,

    I am looking for a scottish fold kennel in prague, and so far i was not able to find it. I was told there are only two scottish fold cats in the entire Prague. Do you know something about this breed in Prague?

    Thanks and Regards,
  • Natalya (04.09.2009 21:31:58)
    Hello !
    You welcomes owner TITBIT cattery Natalya from Krasnodar, RUSSIA. I have enjoyed my visit here again. Best regards to your cats from our cats!

  • Patrícia Akemi (20.08.2009 13:52:16)
    OOOOO...krasne kocky !
  • Svitlana Kutuzova (15.08.2009 15:00:58)
    I ve got a great pleasure while looking at your site.
    Your cats and kittens worth of admire.

    I wish you luck in show and breed program!

    Svitlana Kutuzova
    The cattery of Persian Cats \\\\\\\"Starbabies\\\\\\\"
  • Mossen Osnes (05.08.2009 16:16:48)
    It was a pleasure to visit your website and see all your wonderful cats
    All the best from Mossen
  • Inge Engholm (02.08.2009 22:22:35)
    Hello Zita.
    It has been a pleasure to visit your wonderful website and beaufiful cats.
    I'm looking forward to my next visit and wish you and you cats good luck in the future.
    All the best
    from Inge
  • Clare Muscat Said (28.07.2009 12:40:02)
    Hello Zita,

    Your cats are beautiful ......i really enjoyed browsing through your website and i wish you all the best of luck at the show hall and your breeding program

    Clare (Akalanka Persians)

  • Jolana Thinová (28.07.2009 00:30:51)
    Zdravím Zito a děkuji za milý vzkaz v GB, velmi mne potěšil. Vašim krásným miminkům přeji, ať se mají čile k světu a Vám zase spoustu radosti z nových a nových pokroků Vašich rozkošných miláčků. Krásné letní dny přeje Jolana
  • Karl-Heinz Bartel (27.07.2009 10:21:49)
    Hello from Denmark, what a great website you have. I have a wonderful time here to see your beautiful cats and your sweet kittens, they are gorgeous. I wish you all the best for your future breeding. Best regards Karl-Heinz.
  • edita (21.07.2009 08:55:09)
    Ahojicek Zitu koukam na uzasny mimiska.Jsou krasny at ti delaji radustku
  • Ignacio and Tomas (19.07.2009 20:22:07)
    Thanks for your paw print. A pleasure surfing on your site. Beautiful cats and adorable babies. Good luck for the future.
    Ignacio and Tomas

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