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  • Mark Micallef (10.04.2009 16:04:35)
    It's always lovely to visit your beautiful website and see your Gorgeous cats well done, we just dropped by to wish you a very Happy Easter,

    Best regards,
    Mark & Ross

  • Karin & Mattias (10.04.2009 15:27:20)
    Hello! And thank you for your visit, and the comment in our guestbook. We would also like to wish you a very happy easter!

    Best regards
    Karin & Mattias
  • Adam Siew (10.04.2009 11:17:16)
    Warmest greeting from Malaysia!
    Hello Zita,
    Thanks you so much for your beautiful Easter greeting. We also wish you, your family members and your gorgeous cats a Happy Easter Day!
    Warmest regards,
    Adam Siew
    Hugo Star Cattery
  • Gilla (10.04.2009 10:54:18)
    Hi Zita,
    thanks a lot for your Easter wishes. We wish you also a Happy Easter and a lot of success for the future.
    Have a nice day
  • Susi (10.04.2009 10:49:15)
    Hello Zita,
    thanks for your nice Easter Greetings, we wish you also a Happy Easter with your family and your beautiful cats.
    Susi and the
    Magic Planet Persians
  • Lionscorner Cattery (10.04.2009 10:08:14)
    Hello from Austria!

    My compliments to a very nice website! You have beautiful cats and lovely kitten!
    Best regards, \\\\\\\"Lions Corner Maine Coon Cattery\\\\\\\"
  • Simona (10.04.2009 09:42:56)
    Posielame krásne pozdravy z Nitry a prajeme šťastné a veselé prežitie Veľkej noci a hoooodne vajíček a vodičky
  • Venera (10.04.2009 07:58:10)
    Thank you for left wish in my GB.I wish You andYour family also a Happy Easter time.
    You have very beautiful cat , want you beautiful kitten !
  • Marcela (10.04.2009 07:57:10)
    Krásné prožití velikonočních svátků Tobě i celé Tvojí rodině přeje Marcela a chlupáči Megane
  • Karl-Heinz Bartel (09.04.2009 22:48:43)
    Helloo from Denmark,
    I wish you a happy easter time.
    Best regards Karl-Heinz & cats.
  • Daniela and Manfred Hunke (09.04.2009 22:11:35)
    Thank you very much for your nice Words in our Guestbook. You have wonderful Cats and we like Calicos and with Dilute very much. All the Best we wish you in Breeding and Showing and many Fun. We wish you a wonderful Easter Time and have a Happy Easter.

    Best wishes from Daniela and Manfred Hunke and the Hobbitland Cats.
  • Noémi Gyulai (09.04.2009 22:00:27)
    Hello from Hungary!
    Congratulations for your website. It''s very nice. Your cats are gorgeous with a sweet and lovely expression.
    I wish you all the best for the future, on breeding & showin
    Happy Easter for you and your family and your lovely cats!
    Best regards Noémi!
  • Dinie Kiezenber (09.04.2009 20:17:06)
    Frohe Ostern

  • Julie Hill-Quick (09.04.2009 19:18:04)
    Hi there and many thanks for your caring comment on my site.
    Your cats are outstanding and the blue kitten on the off spring page is a stunner.
    Please feel free to keep in touch.
    Best wishes and have a happy easter.
    Julie xx
  • Andrey Bushmakin (09.04.2009 19:03:20)
    Thank for nice words! I wish all of you a wonderful Happy Easter too!
    Warmest wishes, Andrey & Cabics cats =^..^=
  • Kiyoko Kats (09.04.2009 17:39:53)
    Kiyoko Kats wish you a Very Happy Easter, and all the best to you and your Beautiful Cats.
  • Beate Grenkowski (09.04.2009 13:24:40)
    HAPPY EASTER for you, your family
    and your lovely cats.

    God påske

    Beata and the AaronaCats
  • Daoine sidhe (09.04.2009 08:35:52)
    My compliments to a very nice website. I have a wonderful time on your site to see your lovely cats.
    I like your cats very much, they are gorgous. I wish you all the best for your future breeding. Best regards.
  • Bea (09.04.2009 01:19:35)
    I had a wunderfull time looking at your website. You have amazing cats, I like them very much.
    I wish you alle the luck with breeding for now and in the future.

    Greetings, Bea from Holland
  • Ewa (09.04.2009 01:01:58)
    I will wish You and family a wonderful Happy Easter .
    Many greetings send Ewa & Cheo-Wja*PL
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