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  • Katalin Horvath (30.12.2007 21:18:35)
    Hello Zita,

    I wish you Happy New Year and good luck for the breeding and on exhibitions.

    Hugs Kati.
  • Karl-Heinz Bartel (30.12.2007 21:11:52)
    I wish you a happy new year 2008.
    Greetings from Denmark.
  • Eva Kraft (24.12.2007 10:13:06)
    My compliments to a very nice website. I have come on her homepage to write to them some nice words. I come to see with pleasure on her side around all her nice cats and kittens. Now a year is over again and I wish a nice Christmas time and a healthy new year 2008 with many nice kittens. Many Greetings send Eva and the Nightexpress Persian.
  • ZDZISLAWA (22.12.2007 00:24:19)
  • Jens & Galina Severin (21.12.2007 12:55:20)
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !
    Best wishes, Family Severin.
  • Daniela and Roswitha (16.12.2007 17:52:01)
    We wish you all a peacefull
    = ^..^ = Daniela and Roswitha = ^..^ =
    from Germany (Himalayans Persians )
    Non Plus Ultra’s Cattery
  • Karl-Heinz Bartel (11.12.2007 11:06:08)
    I wish you and your family a mery
    christmas time. Many greetings from
  • Germien (10.11.2007 20:08:11)
    I just surfed in. Your website is nice. I wish you all the best with showing and breeding.
    Kind regards from Germien CALLISTO persians, the Netherlands
  • Karl-Heinz Bartel (08.11.2007 23:17:32)
    You have a lovely website. I have a wonderful time on your site to see your lovely cats. Best of luck with your breeding and show. Many greetings from Denmark.
  • Domča (27.10.2007 19:06:54)
    Dobrý den,máte krásné stránky!!!! Vážně
  • christine Grout (25.10.2007 12:35:24)
    You have a very nice homepage. Your cats and kittens are gorgeous. Good luck for the future. Best regards from france. Christine
  • Marion Juuls (21.10.2007 21:09:06)
    How nice it is to surf on your pages to see all your beautifull cats !!!! Good Luck in the future, lots of succes for you and your cats!!
    Sincerely Marion and the *Pele-Mele-CameoCats* from Germany

  • Susi (13.10.2007 10:59:48)
    Hello from Germany,
    it was a great pleasure for me to visit your website. Your cats are really beautiful, I wish you much joy and success with them for the future and many sweet kittens. Have a nice weekend.
    Susi and the
    Magic Planet Persians
  • Reidun Svenssen (12.10.2007 02:39:33)
    Hello ! Thank you for signing my guestbook on ReyjaS CatHouse -- . Hope you also visit my MAIN site Reidun's Cat Site. Sincerely Reidun from Norway
  • Katalin Horvath (10.10.2007 18:50:43)
    Hello from Hungary,

    Congratulation for this wonderful website ,and gratulation for the beautiful cats. I wish you the best in the future,and good luck for the exhibitions and much success to your breeding programme.

    Best Regards!
  • Vera,Moscow, Russia (23.09.2007 08:55:24)
    Hello, at you a beautiful site and charming cats. We suggest you to exchange banners. Our banners are on this page http: // Send please a code of your banner. Thanks.
  • Angelika Kment (19.09.2007 18:50:58)
    Hello Zita, I thank you very much for you visite and nice greetings on my hp. You have also very nice and beautiful cats.
    I wish you also the best for your breeding program and send you very nice greetings from austria.
    Angelika & Marchfeldperser
  • Svetlana (19.09.2007 03:46:50)
    Hello Zita,
    Thank you for your kind words.Congratulations for your wonderful cats.Your website is done very nicely.I wish you all the best for your future breeding.
  • Karl-Heinz Bartel (17.09.2007 10:42:01)
    Hello from Denmark! My compliments to a very nice website. I have a wonderful time on your site to see your lovely cats. I like your cats very much. Best of luck with your breeding and show. My website is new opdate all over, come and see and leave your comments. Manny greetings from Denmark.
  • Grazyna (15.09.2007 21:04:55)
    Hello , Thank you for your very nice comments in my GB. It's my pleasure to visit your lovely web-site and look at your wonderful cats. I wish you the best of luck in your breeding program and at the show rings. Grazyna and Ród Posejdona*PL
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