Kittens for sale 2018 - AVAILABLE PAGE of our persians

We are sending kittens all over the world, to the European Union, overseas and also all over the world, if that is possible. You can see our kittens in Brazil, Pakistan, Spain, Denmark, Malaysia, Arab emirates etc. The shipping cost is between 300 - 600 EUR /depends on the destination country/ + the costs of the cat.

We have new kittens chocolate nad lilac bicolor male.
We plan also persian kittens in several different colors.

We plan other litter this year.
Serious inquires are welcome, write me email for more information and photos! Please write also a little bit about you, your cattery and animals and your plans.

Persian lilac bicolor FEMALE, PER c 03

Persian chocolate FEMALE, PER b

You can see our last kittens on Offspring. They are with new owners now.

We breed kittens with FIFe PEDIGREE and it’s only up to you if you admire their beauty alone at home or in the international cat shows or just keep and treat them like pets. In our cattery we interested in the perfect look as well as we seek healthiness and good character of our cats.

The kitten will not be reserved without a deposit.

ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits will not be returned, no exceptions.


Info and advice for future owner:

If you plan to get a kitty, definitely choose only in the registered catteries and NEVER from unregistered breeders. You will get beautiful kitten with typical "look", and possibility to get useful advice from the experienced breeder.

All kittens leave our cattery at the age of 13 weeks, healthy, properly vaccinated, taught to use a cat toilet and used to contact with adults and children. Every new owner is properly instructed about a cat care, food habits and kitten behaviours.

When a kitten is ready to move to a new home it is:

  • earliest at least 13 weeks old; to foreign countries from circa 4-th month
  • registred in ČSCH, FIFe
  • vaccinated twice against catflu/enteritis
  • dewormed several times ago
  • comes with a health certificate (passport)
  • the parents are PKD DNA negative
  • We can shipping worldwide.
  • The shipping cost is between 300 - 600 EUR /depends on the destination country/ + the costs of the cat.
  • Shipping cost must be paid by new owner before shipping of the kitty.
  • We sell our kittens as a indoor cat and to a durability home.

I and my family wish you a lot of joy with cats.

Monarcha - Persian cat cattery