Characterization of Persians

The history of persian cat reaches into the 16th century, the first was a black persian cat. The persian cat was one of the first officially recognized races. First cats with long hair originated from Turkey. The persian is silent, staunch and snuggling companion for humans.

The standards require of the persian cat to be of robust and stump body structure. The tail is short, strong with vehement coat.The head is round with a domed forehead, a strong chin and short nose with marked stop. The eyes are googly and round, the ears are very small. The coat is long and schappe, the length and bushiness differ in seasons. The persians cat are being bred in many colour varieties.

The character of persians cat is rather quiet and they ussualy get well on together. Mostly they are unpretending and patient animals. Their beautiful coat necessitates a regular care that means daily brushing and hairdressing.

Source-book: Marie Říhová: Chováme kočky, Publisher Dona, 1999

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